Windows Mixed Reality Portal Error Messages

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Windows Mixed Reality Portal Error Messages

I get a message that says, “Connect your headset” even though I’ve plugged in my headset

  • Make sure your headset is connected to the correct ports on your computer. It should be plugged into the PC’s discrete graphics card and a USB 3.0 port. Here's how to identify the correct ports:
  • USB 3.0 ports have a special logo with an "SS" mark (indicating "SuperSpeed"). The port's inside piece is normally blue, but older USB 2.0 ports are typically black or white on the inside.
  • If your computer has two HDMI ports, use the one that connects to the graphics card, not the computer's motherboard. It's not always obvious, which is which, though discrete ports are often located in an expansion slot on the computer. If you try one port and it doesn't work, try the other.
  • Go to the headset manufacturer’s website and update the drivers and firmware for your headset.

Error 1-4: Make sure your display cable is plugged in correctly

One of the most common problems with the Reverb G2 is when Windows cannot detect the headset. This occurs when the display adapter is not connected to the graphics card or more than often, improperly connected to the headset, usually because it hasn't been fully inserted! - Error code: 1-4 'Check your display cable'.

If you're having difficulty pushing the display adapter all the way in and the adapter stops at a particular point and won't appear to go any further, a very slight wiggle is usually enough to fully seat it. However, try not to use excessive force, just keep trying and it will go in eventually.

As you can see, the guide hole now aligns with the top edge lip of the headset, which is a good indicator that the display connector is fully seated.

Error 7-12: Check your USB cable

Your headset is connected to an incompatible USB controller. Try plugging your headset into a different USB port, if available. Or, try installing a Microsoft USB driver in place of any incompatible drivers.

Error 7-14: “Something Went Wrong” error when I plug in my headset

The 7-14 Something Went Wrong code means that some of the required USB2 components weren’t found. Because of the extra-long cable of the HP Reverb G2, some of the tolerances for the USB signals are tighter. This means that one port on your computer may work more reliably than another.

  • Make sure that you have the most recent drivers installed for your headset and your USB controller.
  • Make sure you're using a Microsoft USB driver. There should be a “Microsoft” in the name of the "eXtensible Host Controller" device.
  • Try plugging the cable into a different USB-3.0 port on your computer. (Try USB Type-C and Type-A ports)
  • Use the included USB C to A adapter to try different ports.
  • Try plugging the headset in through a USB Hub to your computer.

Error 13-14: “Something Went Wrong” error when my PC resumes from hibernate

Sometimes during the resume process, the video card can't establish a connection, so unplugging the USB Type C from your PC and plugging it back in may help to establish a connection.

Error message:  “Can't run mixed reality on this PC”

This may happen because your HP Reverb G2 requires a more powerful PC to ensure the best experience. For more information, please review the minimum PC requirements

Error message:  “We couldn’t download the Window Mixed Reality software” or setup is stuck on the “Hang tight while we do some downloading” page

  • Go to Settings > Update & security > Windows Update and make sure Windows Update is turned on. Then, download and install any updates that are waiting to be installed.
  • Make sure your PC is connected to the internet and has at least 2 GB of free storage space.
  • Restart your PC and try again. You may need to repeat several times or run the Windows Update troubleshooter to clear pending updates.

If you're on an enterprise managed network, check with your administrator. They might need to enable Windows Mixed Reality. Looking for the IT pro instructions? See this article

If your Wi-Fi network connection is set to metered, change it to unmetered.

Error message:  "Something went wrong, and we couldn't start Windows Mixed Reality."

  1. Unplug your headset from your computer (both cables).
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Go Settings > Update & security > Windows Update and make sure Windows Update is turned on. Then, download and install any updates that are waiting to be installed.
  4. Reconnect your headset to the computer, then try setup again.

If the above steps don’t work, try uninstalling and then reinstalling Windows Mixed Reality. Go to Settings > Mixed reality > Uninstall and select Uninstall. Then restart your computer. To start the setup process again, just plug your headset into your PC.

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