Fundamental Surgery Setup - Windows Mixed Reality

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Follow the below order of steps to load and run Fundamental Surgery


1. 3D Systems Haptic Arm Setup

Before using the haptic devices, they must be paired with the Touch Smart Setup software, included in the installation for Fundamental Surgery.

  1. Open the "Touch Smart Setup" application shortcut on the desktop
  2. Select the number of devices to be used under "Configuration Mode"
  3. Following the on-screen instructions, select the left-hand device first. The associated serial number on screen can be found underneath each physical device. Repeat for the right-hand device.
  4. Confirm the calibration by selecting "Save Configuration"

Watch the setup video 

2. Headset Calibration

The HP Reverb G2 boundary setup involves establishing your virtual reality play area. To ensure 
proper setup, define the boundary before setting the floor level. This sequence prevents floor height resets, reducing the need for reconfiguration.

Create the Boundary - via the WMR Portal

  1. Launch the Mixed Reality Portal and click on the burger icon
  2. Select Create Room Boundary (We recommend Set me up for seated and standing)
  3. Hold headset in front of you and point it toward your computer, select Center

Calibrate the floor level - inside VR

  1. Select the Windows key on one of the controllers to open the Menu
  2. Select All Apps on the right-hand side of the window
  3. Find and select Floor Adjustment – this will load a 3D Floor adjustment App which can be placed somewhere in the Home environment
  4. Launch the Floor adjustment App by selecting it
  5. Place one Motion Controller on the physical floor. With the other motion controller push the joystick forward or backward, this will raise or lower the virtual floor. Do this until the motion controller lays flat on the virtual ground.

Watch the setup video

Follow these links to get to the official Microsoft Support Articles

Set up the room boundary

Boundary Frequently asked Questions

3. Fundamental Surgery

  1. Load Fundamental Surgery
  2. Enter your Fundamental Surgery User Credentials
  3. Choose your Simulation and follow the on-screen instructions

Troubleshooting Library

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